Do you want the old forum again?
May 7, 2010 at 10:02 AM Post #16 of 95
Overall I liked the old bulletin style, but i don't think this is too bad either and i am sure I will get used to it in no time (as I am already slowly getting used to it.)
However, I definitely have some issues with the new layout and hopefully will be fixed/changed in time.
issues I have:
Too many ads and ad space - not sure how to express it but it makes me feel like I am searching/digging for headphone information on the net, rather than before when it felt like I was searching for information in head-fi community. especially with having ads not related to head-fi such as weight loss or cars etc. makes the feeling even worse..definitely need to tone down the ads, as I think it's unanimously hated.
Homepage - I wish we could be allowed to customize according to our own interest. I really don't like the head-fi featured reviews or headphones and Audio gear or what users want.  especially the gear section feels like amazon, and currently on mine show stuff like Bang & olufsun tx2, Logitech Z-5500 etc. I'm hoping in time it will at least be more interesting stuff we like here in head-fi. the option to turn those sections off would be nice. However, I do like the mail section and recent activity section. 
Friend List - would like to have the friends list back if possible. that was an easy way to check if they were online or not. 
apart from these I have minor quibbles like font size, color scheme etc. but I am sure they will be fixed in time (I think color was changed from really white to softer already)
Overall, i think a lot of effort went into the change and I understand it's not going to be easy to win over everyone. we were all too used to the old layout and there will be some resistance. However, I do think in a few weeks things will look better and maybe with new add ons we will be enjoying the new site. 
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Yes, I really miss the old forum. :frowning2:
* No BB code support. I do not know html language that well, so just plain text and no clickable links, embedded pictures, or like from me.
* What is up with all the empty space on the right side. With this new forum 1/3 of the page width is occupied for "Recent Reviews", "Users Want" in comparison to the old forum where all the space were used for thread content.
* No way to navigate directly to the top of the last page of a thread. Or the second to last page for that matter.
* No ignore list.
* No friends list.
* No way to edit thread title.
* No date/time for last visit.
* Smiley tags from the past (like :D :) ) do not work.
Fix those regressions and I may be all in though. :D
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I have to agree, the old forum was like an old comfy blanket if you will. This new one seems like a burlap sack :)
Still love the community though.
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Like krmathis I too do not need to be constantly reminded "What Users Want", of "Recent Reviews", and all that other stuff on the right. Can we at least get an option to hide it??
I'm sure we'll all look back positively on the change if we can iron out these issues.
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I have to admit that I had gotten used to the old dated looking forum layout.
However, this is not the first time that there has been major change here.
Eventually we all get used to changes and life goes on.
I am just happy that Head-fi is alive and well.
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1). This new format no longer works on my work computer :frowning2:. Of course we have dated Safari browsers, but it's still painful to lose headfi at work.
2). Again, the right rail is way out of proportion.
3). I tend to pick forums BECAUSE they use vBulletin.
4). This new layout feels like I've lost alot of information about what's going on in posts
5). The color scheme makes me feel I'm looking at a tampon box.
Our news director at my newspaper is always fiddling with the look of the paper. I disagree with him. The designers know the layout, more importantly, the readers know the layout. I point to the most successful internet company in the world: Google. Google HASN'T CHANGE THEIR PAGE'S LAYOUT SINCE DAY ONE. Not a whit. Why? There is no need to. Its look and simplicity is familar and wonderfully fuctional to billions. If they started shifting things around, people would be come frustrated. I hate it when yahoo decides AGAIN to fiddle with the design of my email. At this point I'm almost completely lost where features are. I hate yahoo mail now. Why mess with what works? Boredom? Google home page baby. Where its at. As the smart husband tells his wife: "You're perfect, don't change a thing."
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^^i tried to quote you with erasing some of your points and only choosing one but I messed up with the codes.they are harder now and I don't understand them:frowning2: all I had to do in the old one is this: [QUOTE/]. I will definetly spend less time on headfi as others I go now:frowning2:
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New layouts always causes confusion, and inevitably people prefer the old layout because they are used to it. Give Jude and the guys time to fine tune and I believe a vast majority of the issues can be resolved.
I too miss some of the old ways of doing things - but I also think this feels sleeker and for me, at least at the moment, the site is more responsive.
May 7, 2010 at 11:04 AM Post #27 of 95
I somehow never get the feeling that the wishes of the users/members of this forum are of any concern to the owner.
This is another example that makes that feeling stronger.
The new site is perfectly layed out to exploit the knowledge the members must supply. We are just (barely politely) being asked to fill in the blanks, and to continue make this site more valuable and profitable. I also get this feeling that Jude is considering to sell out in the not too distant future, the unprovoked remark that there is NO change of ownership with this change clearly points that way.
May 7, 2010 at 11:07 AM Post #28 of 95
I'll adapt, and hopefully over time the implementations bugs or a majority of its drawbacks can be resolved . Voted in the poll: No ... Now stands @ 50% in this small sample of a 44 count.
Cheer-up, it could be worse, I remind  
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Don't mind the new style. It's like adapting to the "new" Facebook, always a period of outrage before everyone getting used to the new layout.

Lol! I've always found though, that Facebook changes tend to piss me off because they outright move everything around. For the most part, Jude and the team have tried very hard to keep the general setup of the forum the same which is making it very easy for me to become accustomed to the new layout. My only major gripe is the white background which hurts my eyes a little more than the older gray/blue background did. Otherwise, I've already become rather used to the new layout and some of the new features.
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Sorry but I did like the old Head-Fi better! Yes I know change comes slow, but as someone said, I along with him haven't visted as often, to bad...Thanks for the work Jude, But why the change...

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