Custom IEM? Hearing Aid & Music?
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Audio Guy

Jun 7, 2012
Well, I am in the age group that should have hearing tests.. I have noticed for some time that I had a hard time understanding people in a very noisy atmosphere.. like a crowded restaurant or Bar. So I had a hearing test done and it turn out there is some loss..and they recommended hearing aids
Now, my question is this.. can a hearing aid be combined into Custom IEM monitors? I understand this might sound like lunacy, but hearing aids are very similar.. perhaps with the ability to isolate when desired for music and aid when desired?
It still blows my mind that I have loss. I hear things better than most everyone else around me, when things are quiet.. It's when I am in a very loud environment that I have problems.
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You should figure out which hearing aid is best for you first mate.
There are lots out there than you can stream music to via Bluetooth.
Hearing Aid tech is far far superior to IEM tech right now.

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