Covers of The Smiths Songs?
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Jul 23, 2008
As of sometime last year, I am a huge Smiths fan. I really love their music, both for the instrumentations and vocals and for the brilliant and relatable lyrics. There are some songs though, I have always wondered what they would sound like done differently? With different vocals, especially. I swear I remember hearing How Soon Is Now? sung quite differently at some point back in the 90s. I know Anberlin covered There Is A Light... and as influential as this band has been, I would assume there are quite a few other covers.

So please, enlighten me.
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Snake River Conspiracy covered How Soon is Now as well.
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Radiohead covered "The Headmaster Ritual," as well as Joy Division/New Order's "Ceremony" during the same sessions. Search it on YouTube.

Oh, and some years ago there was a nice Smiths tribute album called "The Smiths is Dead." It was a song-by-song cover album of "The Queen is Dead" by famous Brit-Pop artists like Supergrass and Placebo.

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