Could somebody compare AKG701's with my AT A900's?
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Feb 14, 2007
I have the audio-techina ATH-A900 Closed headphones. I am just curious how the Open back AKG701's would compare? Thanks.
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Well it really depends on what you run the K701 through. Its sound can vary wildly based on amp (which despite its impedance the AKG is a very power hungry phone). This is very different than the pretty consistent (even unamped) A900.

Could you give a bit more information on the scenarios (equipment or budget)? I'm a A900 fan, but properly amped (and isolation need eliminated, etc.) I think there's not much it beats the superior K701 on.
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I have both and use the 900s exclusively when I watch TV on my laptop while 4 kids breaking down the house...

When all the cattle is gone for a rest from their destructive action I am very happy with my 701s.

Like blessingx said, it really depends on sufficient amplification of the AKGs but believe me, a comparison between these two is worthless; the 701's are leagues ahead of the ATHs IMHO.
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Are open headphones in general just better sounding then closed headphones?
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not a fair comparison as they are on different tiers. except the k701 would need to be paired with a very good amp to drive optimally and would need to be matched with an amp carefully

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