Comfortable, open (over- or on-ear) headphones ~60€
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Aug 5, 2015
Hey guys!
My girlfriend's birthday is coming up and she has been complaining about her in-ears growing rather uncomfortable, since she uses them for hours at work. So I would like to get her some new cans and I hope you can help me with picking out a pair!
Naturally I would like to get her some headphones that have good audio quality - she mostly listens to indie and rock (e.g. Radiohead, Gaslight Anthem, Decemberists, World Inferno/Friendship Society). However, comfort is key for this selection since she basically wears them all day at work (office/desk-job). She usually listens to her music at low volumes, so the headphones don't need to be closed/noise-cancelling and she also wants to be able to easily hear if someone starts talking to her, so they should actually be open/semi-open.
Unfortunately, she is also rather picky about the look of her headphones (or anything she wears, really :wink:). I know this is hard for you guys to factor in because you obviously don't know her taste, but she likes some of the House of Marley designs (e.g. and she would probably always lean towards more retro/old-fashioned headphone designs.
The budget for this is around 60€ - I can also go to something like 70 or 75, but sadly I really can't afford much more than that.
Thanks for any help you can give me with this! :)
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Perhaps the Takstar HI2050?

Never heard of these cans, they look really good! Just from their looks I can tell that they would be very comfortable to wear and all the reviews seem to say the same. Thanks for that suggestion!
What is head-fi's opinion on the House of Marley headphones btw? I know many of them don't get treated kindly around here, but the  EM-FH023 Redemption Song have gotten some nice reviews around the net, although I didn't find any reviews at all from sites I would normally trust.

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