Cmoy makes sound worse
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Have you tried anything besides the computer sound output?

Does it make any difference to the sound (bass) when the volume is turned almost down via the pot (but still listenable) and turned all the way up on the computer? Does that change if you turn the pot up to full volume, and adjust the volume of the sound output on the computer?
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I'm really out of ideas now
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Any chance of getting a few pics of the CMOY?
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Is this a really high pitched sound ? Like music being played in a tin can ? I had that once and it was a solder bridge. I ran a pick around all spaces between them really well, cleaned in alcohol - all fixed !
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Wow am i stupid. The problem was that i didnt connect the psu's caps to the ground. Thanks everyone for trying to help me especially daroid.
Now my crappy sonys sound less crappy
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Originally Posted by ilikepie /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Today i bulit my first cmoy. It works but the sound is worse then if its plugged directly to my computer. I checked for solder bridges and im sure there arent any. Could this be becuase im using cheap headphones with low impedience? Im not gonna get "good" headphones for another month so is there anything else i can do?

What you can do is raise the supply voltage to 24V (or 18V minimum), and change the low current opamps you're using with 2x OPA551 on a Browndog (two single DIP -> dual DIP), or with 2x AD845.
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I would imagine the OP has managed to solve his problem in the three years that have passed since he started this thread.
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No big deal. I'm constantly searching this forum for info, too. Who knows, your post may help someone else in 2012.

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