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Dec 29, 2015
Afternoon all,
Quick question if I may...I have recently improved my listening experience after a stint with some ie800s and bought myself a set of Mr.Speaker Ether's and a Mojo (having also had a set of PS1000e's that I just couldn't get on with).
I'm using a standard decent quality data cable connected to my laptop (HP s150sa) and no matter what app I use (been trying foobar2000 mostly and the bundled players), I can't seem to get the Mojo to recognise anything above 44Khz even though I'm listening to 24bit 96Khz FLAC audio. Am I missing a setting somewhere that's downsampling?
Any help appreciated..want to get the best from the kit I have.
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Ok, playing with the sound device settings for the mojo, I can get the light to change by 'testing' the sampling rates in windows and then if I set a default sample rate for shared mode at say 24bit 96khz...the mojo light stays blue all the time when playing tidal, foobar, winamp etc regardless of audio quality??
I'm sure it's something simple I'm just not understanding :)
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Not sure how Windows works in regard to changing sampling rates but if its the same as in MacOS then it doesn't automatically change sample rate. That's why I use IOS instead, iPhone or iPad so you could use that if you have it to try and test if Mojo properly switches sample rate. There are software players like Vox for Mac that change it automatically or Audirvana and Roon (both for Windows as well I believe) if you also use streaming services like Apple music or Tidal but they cost money.
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Thanks for your reply Mark. I have resolved that unfortunately Windows probably up samples or down samples to what ever it is set to in advanced sound settings in the Sound Control Panel. I use my Mojo with Qobuz and Mojo's sample rate light never changes from 192000Hz 24bit, blue, regardless of the bit rate of the the music I am playing. 👍

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