Chicago Head-Fi Meet - August 8th 12:00 to 7:00 pm at Tweak Studio
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  things are shaping up

Thanks for noticing. I have lost 20 lbs, y'know. That whole joke about me being fat may not hold anymore.
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I'll still call you fat ironically, considering I've always had the larger belly. :p

I'll also get a haircut right before the meet, so I can get doubly mad at everyone for not noticing my changes in appearance. So excited. Oh yeah, and the headphone stuff too, I guess.
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Thanks for noticing. I have lost 20 lbs, y'know. That whole joke about me being fat may not hold anymore.


20 lbs since we saw you last? Uh..... Tapeworm much?
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In less than 3 weeks ??????

In 3 weeks I've lost like 12 of that 20. Don't worry. I'm just starving myself so I can afford a flagship headphone again.

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I started running to work to save on gas money for my next flagships. Unfortunately, I only live ~3 miles from work, so I'm not saving much money. Maybe this starving thing is a better idea :)

Wow, talk about a run for your money
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  Wow, talk about a run for your money

Yeah, I think the plan has actually backfired on me. The amount of money I'm saving on gas is negated by the extra money I'm spending on food due to being hungry after running. 
On a completely unrelated note, I was hoping to have a new pair of flagships by this meet. I'm not feeling too optimistic at this point :-/
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audioaddict, can we get a hardware list started.

And if everyone is going out for food first, whats the best time to deliver gear? Not sure I want to leave 5k$ of gear in trust of the valet.

The pizza place is in wicker park, so it's really open as far as parking goes. You could just leave your gear safely in the car while we eat.
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I thought I would pass along an update on the Dharma Wei Change included in a recent email to me.
Regarding the availability of Dharma D1000, below is a brief statement of ours and please feel free to share with other head-fiers:
“There's a slight delay in the projected availability of the Dharma D1000 and Athena A1. We are heavily back-ordered and obviously very motivated to expedite shipments. Pre-production samples from soft tooling are excellent; and we are now in the process of fabricating the hard tooling for production. We anticipate this will not be completed until late July/early August, which will allow us to go into full production immediately thereafter.
We are very happy with the sonic performance of both Dharma and Athena, and from that standpoint it’s a wrap. But our commitment, as you would expect, is not just an excellent Dharma and Athena, but perfect products in every regard, including fit, finish, visual detailing, and in the case of Dharma, headband adjustment. And we’ve decided we will not ship until we have achieved perfection in every one of these areas.
Please bear with us. We are resolute in our pursuit of perfection; and we will all benefit in the long run by this commitment, frustrating as it might be on start-up.”



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