Cheap earbuds with mic
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Jan 16, 2003
I'm looking for cheap, but not terrible, earbuds to use with a mobile phone (Nokia e63). Main use would be to play music. I'd use this walking outside, so I'd like to be able to hear traffic to some extent.

The Ultimate Ears MetroFi 200v would seem perfect, especially at $25, but I worry they'd isolate too much to be safe.

The output stage of the e63 seems to be 16 ohms and every 32 ohm or higher phones I've tried have sounded hissy. Phones with inline resistance (mic or volume control) don't hiss.
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If you don't jam the 200v in too far and use the silicone tips, you can hear some outside sounds. Also, don't play the music too loudly. They are not deep IEMs, but not ear buds either, somewhere in between.
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IME, you don't get good sound with IEMs unless you get a good seal. Is that not the case with the 200v? Perhaps I should ask about the 200v in the 200v thread. thanks

Other suggestions?

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