Changing Voltage Setting of Larocco PSR
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Victor Chew

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Feb 5, 2008
Recently bought a Loarocco PSR but the voltage setting is for 110v. There is also a setting for 220v but the board markings are confusing to me. Can anyone help please?

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Remove both jumpers and mount one of them turned 90deg on the left side pins instead. This switches the primary windings from parallel (115V//115V) to serial (115V+115V = 230V).
EDIT: Check the board for any descriptions of fuse ratings as that should be changed as well.
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I have switched it to:-

Did I get it correct?
Although board says 220v, transformer says 115v plus 115v.
Board doesn't state any fuse rating for 230v but I have got a 250v 1A fast blow in it. Do you happen to know what the fuse rating for 230v should be?
With the above setting, I have got output voltage of about 32vdc? Secondary say 9v plus 9v which should give 18vdc. Capacitors are rated at 25vdc. That's too high for the caps and they will blow. Do you happen to have the output specifications? Do you happen to know if the trimpot beside the output jack will adjust the vdc output?
Thanks again.

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