CD player line into headphone amp vs. player headphone jack: Which is better?
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Mar 19, 2008
Im using a decent ES series Sony CD player with Sony MDR-V900 phones out of the front headphone jack. I'm looking to upgrade to Beyer DT990's and was wondering if I should be using a seperate headphone amp from the CD player instead of just the headphone jack. I figured that just using the jack would be the most accurate reproduction of the CD without the need for any interconnects or components, though I may be wrong. Does anyone think there would be a significant improvement using a good amp?
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Lineouts are generally considered to be a "cleaner" output on most sources...and the only way to properly use that signal is with an amp.

As far as the headphone out vs. headphone out to an amp, that really depends on the headphone your using and whether it needs more power to be driven properly. I'm not too familiar with Beyers, so you'll have to search and see what people say in general on how demanding your model is.

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The Beyerdynamic DT-990's have a 250 ohm impedence. So the line out signal would be significantly cleaner than the headphone jack? Does anyone have recommendations for a good headphone amp, tube or ss, to power these phones? A phono input would be an asset because I listen to lots of vinyl.

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