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Can someone review the new Hi-Res labled Mi Headphones?

  1. steste
    To clarify: Xiaomi made the gold and black headphones many years ago and all enthusiasts agreed it is absolute garbage and clarity fall within the Dre lot. HOWEVER, they SECRETLY updated the productline with a newer version that has the Japanese Hi-Res audio label.

    It would be VERY interesting to see how they perform, as Mi(or more accurately 1more is the company behind this product) has now got some money to spend researching audio.

    Note: to differentiate, old version has steel mesh on the side, new version has beehive dots on the side.

    It doesn't even have a new name, should we call it Mi headphones remastered? Mi headphones 2? Mi headphones Hi-Res edition?

    Old (has mesh): http://img5.pcpop.com/ArticleImages/730x547/3/3386/003386916.jpg
    New (has dots): https://c1.mifile.cn/f/i/16/chain/headphone/headphone-13.jpg

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