Can my amp deliver good sound with HD650, or alternatives to 650
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Aug 5, 2015
So my beautiful Beyerdynamic DT880 250ohm broke and I am looking for a replacement. I am thinking of ordering Sennheiser HD650 cans, but I am unsure if my amp can handle them - it's a Marantz PM7001. I wasn't able to find too much about it (it was a gift) except that it's apparently a pretty good amp for the price, but I still don't know if it could handle demanding headphones like the HD650.
Also, when looking for replacement cans, I would wanna order a few headphones and test them out, what else could I look into in the same price region as the HD650? I live in Germany, the HiFiman 400i are not on a massive sale here atm, so they are more expensive. I tested AKG 701q back before I got the beyerdynamic and found the 701 to be absolutely horrible - mostly comfort-wise, but also sound-wise, they were too lifeless for me.
I'd wanna try Philips Fidelio X2 probably, but any other suggestions?
I mostly listen to music (rock, ska, punk), watch movies/TV and play games (CS:GO) with these headphones, in a pretty even split.
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Hi there *waves in German from Frankfurt*
What's stopping you from simply getting the DT880 repaired?  

On the HD650 topic, the amp won't have any problem driving these headphones.
These headphones are extremely forgiving on even low-end gear, and only scale up with better gear unlike some headphones which need good sources to shine.
So you don't NEED a new amp to enjoy the HD650.
Fidelio X2 sounds like it might be good for you. If the 701 sounded 'lifeless' the X2 is 'overly-energetic' but not in a bad way.
HD650 would be somewhere in the middle between the 701 and X2, a compromise between musical enjoyment and relaxed sound.
A bit more relaxed than the DT880, but slightly thumpier bass. 
Honestly I think those are your two best options if you can't get a Hifiman, or a DT880 600 Ohm 
 (which would most likely need a dedicated headphone amp)
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Hey there! *waves from Hamburg*
My cat chewed thorugh the cable of the DT880. I did solder the damn thing back together, but it was very close to the cup and I had to remove half of the thick cable sleeve support that is at the end of the cable. It worked perfectly for a week and now the sound on the left ear is gone. The beyerdynamic support predicted this would happen because the stress on the cable would be too high at that spot. Getting it repaired properly would cost like 70€+ so I might as well get new headphones I figured. 
So, ok, the HD650 are forgiving, but I don't really want to get headphones where I can't even get close to their full potential. Obviously I know that "more" is almost always possible but I wouldn't feel right knowing that I am only using the 650s to...say 50% of their potential, if you know what I mean.
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DHL paket round-trip to Frankfurt and back = 10 euros.
I could fix it for a small fee.
(strip the cable, re-solder, add some heat-shrink to reinforce the stress-point, i might even have a spare cable-strain relief thingy lying around... not sure if it's the right size though)

If that doesn't tickle your fancy, the Fidelio X2 sounds like the best alternative as it's super easy to drive.
(Also then I might be interested in the spare Beyer parts :p)

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