can I borrow your DT250-80?
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Jan 1, 2002
I'd like to do some extended comparisons of various closed headphones and post a review of sorts. The one I'm missing right now is the DT250-80. If you have one and have a bunch of other headphones and can spare this one for a one-month loan, give or take a few days, please send me an email.

Since I'm not making any money from these reviews I can't really offer any and I can't afford to buy every headphone. I see an awful lot of people asking which closed headphone to buy and I'd like to provide a more detailed response than just pointing them at the one I like. If you can help out, I'm sure they'd appreciate it and I would too.

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Hmmm. Strange. I buy all of mine.

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Originally posted by Magicthyse
Hmmm. Strange. I buy all of mine.

You oughtta try posting a useful review.
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I believe I have kelly...
Just not for Head-Fiers' benefit directly at least.
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Ah well, it looks like I have a volunteer so nevermind and thanks anyway to anyone else. Just goes to show, no matter how many... well, you know... there are on Head-Fi, the cool people always show up.

If anyone else is interested in this thead, look at it as a warning that one of my length, descriptive comparative reviews of closed headphones will be coming in about a month.
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May I ask which headphones will be compared in your review?
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Originally posted by The Quality Guru
May I ask which headphones will be compared in your review?

Beyerdynamic DT250-80
Beyerdynamic DT770-250
Sennheiser HD280
Ultrasone HFI-650
Sony MDR-7506
Etymotic ER-4S

I figure most people looking for a closed headphone should be staring down that very list of options.
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The A900 would probably be more suitable, as I'm not sure how many A100Ti's are still available and the A900 represents one of Audio Technica's latest offerings.

The only real problem there is at this time I don't believe anyone in North America own's one.
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Your choice of headphones for the review are 100% right. I can't wait.
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Heh, thanks guys. Nice to know someone cares to read my stuff. The AT cans don't isolate very well so whether they are technically "closed" or not, I don't know but either way they're not likely candidates for people who really need closed phones. That was my thinking, anyway.

Besides that, I kind-of feel that my opinions on AT run so counter to mainstream that like Grado, maybe I'm not the best person to compare them. And, of course, I don't have any here anyway.

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