Can a Cowon C2 handle the Sennheiser's HD-25 1 II?
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Aug 13, 2011
I got my senns the last week and they sound amazing! I am looking for a portable pmp with nice sounding (better than ipod) and one that could support high quality formats like FLAC and OGG and I found this one, the reviews says that it sounds really good but I don't know if it can handle my senns
If the answer for my question is a negative one, are there other alternatives for this pmp with similar sound quality?
my bugdet can go to 200$
thanks to all for your help :wink:
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actually its not my bugdet, its my grandma bugdet, thats my birthday present
but my question is: the cowon pmps can handle my senns?

This is from an extensive review at '' ~ I think you'll be ok.
"The C2’s amp is powerful enough to drive most any headphone with authority, yet it is also completely silent
and hiss-free with even the most sensitive of low-impedance, multi-armature in-ear phones. Same as all other
Cowon players, it might show a slight bass roll-off with very low impedance phone in measurements, but this is
generally inaudible to the human ear. Dynamic range is high, distortions are very low, and channel crosstalk is
perfectly fine. And yes, using an additional headphone amp on the C2’s output would be plain silly for most
applications (except for driving 600 Ohm phones or unpowered speakers) – there’s really nothing to fix or
improve, the C2 sounds great."
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so, it can handle my 70 ohm senns? :D

I have played around with a Cowan D2 (old model) and that had no problem driving a bunch of headphones
with similar spec. The C2 will be fine.
If this ends up being your main music source, then down the road you could always supplement things
with a portable amplifier if you end up with another pair of headphones that need extra juice.
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hd25s are one of the easiest headphones to drive. pick any source and they will play wonderful
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I use the D2+ with my HD-25's and it drives them does have enough power. 
I got the E7 for some extra oomph. 

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