Cable / Wire you use for DIY Projects
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Feb 25, 2011
I was hoping we could have a thread to make it easy to find recommended cable / wiring to use for DIY projects.  There are tons of wire types out there and trying to search through all of them can be a bit intimidating.  My suggestion is going to be that all of our users who take on DIY projects could list here what they've used, what they used it for, results they got, links of where you can purchase it, price per foot, and some description of the cable / wire.  I'll gladly adjust this first thread as we get new recommendations to make this an easy thread to locate suggested cable / wire.
Thanks all in advance.  Look forward to seeing what all information we can gather.
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Not a helpful reply but I just use leftovers that are lying around, mostly UTP and alarmcable. 
Or Mogami cable.
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I used to use both 26 and 24awg wires stripped out of Mogami cable scraps that I had from making cables.  The crosslinked polyethylene doesn't shrink back as quickly as pvc or normal polyethylene (although not as good as teflon), it came in different colors to keep track of channels, and it was relatively inexpensive.  They were pretty flexible with a bit of spring to them, which made keeping them in an exact position tough sometimes.   You can get the 26awg out of the Mogami 2893 mini quad cables, giving you 4 different colors at roughly $0.80 a foot for the group.  The 26awg is more finely stranded than the 24awg so keep that in mind if flexibility is a concern. 24awg comes in clear or blue out of the Mogami 2534 quad cable at $1.12 a foot.  You could alternatively use install cables which have identical internal structures and are usually cheaper.  They are also harder to find not in spools.  Mogami 2799 ($0.64) is the mini quad, and Mogami 2820 is for the regular size.
I have also used some silver plated copper in different sizes from John's Teflon Shop on ebay.  These wires are pretty slick and sometimes stripping the wires can be just a tad tough.  They aren't as finely stranded as the Mogami so they ended up being stiffer, which I actually liked because it helped keep wires where I wanted.  Prices vary, but roughly $0.30 a foot if you aren't picky about color.
I have also used DHC Nucleotide UPOCC copper in clear polyethylene.  This is my favorite wire for making headphone cables and interconnects, but the shrink back of regular polyethylene requires very precise soldering.  Once I get better with soldering inside enclosures and in closed in areas, I might switch back to this (especially since he has black in addition to clear now), but I still prefer something with teflon for now.
I am currently using some 26awg finely stranded silver plated copper in teflon.  These wires have a slightly thinner teflon cover and with the fine stranding, make them very flexible.  They have a slight bit of memory which is helpful, but nothing like the SPC from John's Teflon Shop.  I got them from a HiFi shop in Taiwan, but they no longer have it listed for sale.  I got it at about $1 a foot, and it is very nice.  Supposedly 5N purity.  On occasion, John's Teflon Shop has thinner, more finely stranded wire that is very similar in usability for a little cheaper, but not in a pretty clear teflon (I know you most likely won't see it).
I have no idea if there are sound differences, as I never built the same thing twice to compare.  
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I just searched "DIY cable" within Headfi and found hundreds of threads. I read through titles of the first 200 threads (ranked by relevancy).
The following threads are most helpful:
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I'm new here and would like to join to the community.  I do small inexpensive electronics, custom build arcades, computers that kinda stuff.  I came across some califone mono head phones this weekend at a swapmeet.  Really really cheap with a great sound now that they've been rewired.  Anyway getting to my point I bought some 2.00 1/4" rope and removed the core.  It makes a wonderful cloth sleeving and available in many colors.  See you guys around.

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