Budget headphones for Classical Music
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Classical = AKG

Not without a better amp than the EMU 0404. It's fine for low impedance cans. Also, I don't know if any of the sub $100 AKGs, that you can buy new, are any good for classical. Otherwise, I agree completely

Edit: I've bought K400, K401, and K500 used for under $75 which in an incredible deal in my opinion.
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Well, I'll say it again. Good headphones are good with all music. They are good because they are accurate. Headphones that are not accurate are bad with all music. The idea that there are good classical music headphones, and different for other kinds of music, has never made sense to me. One may like the sound of inaccurate headphones that accentuate certain elements of particular kinds of music, but if one is looking for accuracy then the same recommendations should apply to classical and other kinds of music.

I have Koss KSC-75s, Grado SR-60s, Sure E2cs and Senn HD-580. The E2cs sound bad. The others I'd rank according to price in sound quality, but for value and comfort the ksc-75s are unbeatable and very cheap. The 580s sound very good, but I find they are hot and uncomfortable for long listening (they go on easy, but don't stay comfortable). So, I'd recommend speakers! :)
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I recently got a pair of AKG K 240 S model from Amazon (currently around $98.00) and I love them. I like them even better than my RP-21s and in some ways they sound better (more natural) than my K 701s. I suggest you look into a pair, they are very easy to drive, are really comfortable to wear and sound really excellent. Here is a link. Amazon.com: AKG K240 Semi Open Studio Headphones: Electronics
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oh this always happens, person ends up more confused then when he started. Basically, you can't go wrong with the senheisers, as long as you don't mind them being open(others can hear your music)
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Classical = AKG

I recomend akg k271 if you want a closed headphone, k 240 if you want an open model.
I don't know the cost in US but they're worth a few more $.
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i recommend the 555s. I prefer their soundstage even more than my ad2000s, so i don't know how the ad700s can beat their soundstage. I like the way it projects the sound to the front of the head. It is a great value for classical. I do like the ATs more alive signature as an allrounder for all my music but then again i'm talking about $600 ATs here against a 100 dollar can. About the k240 recommendations, hmm i thought they were just ok. Couldn't beat the 555s overall except for look and feel
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Thanks for all the reply guys, really appreciate the time you ppl took out to help me.
ATM, HD555 seems more convincing. I have another question-: Will getting a Sound Card help in improving the quality ?
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any soundcard will have its own sound signature and the power from the headphone jack is not really going to be substantial so if you wan't the best way to improve the sound of the 555s from your pc, get a usb dac/amp combo like the meier cantante, musical fidelity x-can v8, headamp pico, ray samuels predator or meier 2move for portables. The 555s don't improve by a lot from ampingt though if you don't have a great source which is why i listed the dac/amp combos for an easy to setup great sounding rig for the pc. These amps are more expensive than the 555s though so it is not really 100% recommended to get them unless you plan on getting some higher end cans in the future

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