Bought a pair of ATH-M50's, what should I listen to first?
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New Head-Fier
May 27, 2009
Hi everyone, new guy here!

So, I just graduated college and decided to treat myself to some new headphones. I've been using some Sennheiser HD-202's for about 4 years now and I wanted something with better sound quality and a bit more portable (the AT's fold nicely).

I consider myself a noob at the audiophile scene, but I am an avid music fan. Also, from reading the burn-in FAQs here, I'm more of the persuasion just to let burn-in happen naturally. I use headphones at my computer almost all the time and on my iPod/iPhone, so the burn-in time shouldn't take too long.

My Audio-Technicas should be arriving next Monday, and I thought it would be cool to get some suggestions on what tunes I should listen to on my AT's first run. I'm currently looking through my iTunes library for some of my favorite songs to go get in a lossless format to try out.

So, forum members, what should I listen to first? what was your first song that you listened to on your new 'phones?

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id say...... nothing. they sound pretty thin and crappy right out of the box. i thought i had wasted $120 when i first heard em. let em start burning in for 5 hours, then start listening to whatever.
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well for me, since i got them for use in mixing, the first thing i listened to was some stuff i'd recorded. i think then i moved on to the California album by Mr. Bungle since it has really lush sound to it and the songs span a lot of different styles.
i hope you enjoy them! mine are still burning in (just regular use so far) but i didn't experience the "thin and crappy" to the extent that jayeshrc did.
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^^ i guess that was more because they were an upgrade from my ex85s, which i now agree are bass monsters (and since id been using them exclusively before i got the m50, i'd begun to think the bass from the ex85 was natural/normal and not bloated, so...)

but yeah the bass and especially the mids were suppressed out of the box compared to how they are now... my friend said that to me without me prompting/asking him.. he listened to it the hour i opened it and a week later with about 30hours of burn in
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After scouring through this forum for sometime I too bought the m50 based on the rave reviews for its price range. At first listen i thought it was crappy. I then let it burn in with a pink noise flac file for about 40 hrs and after that it zapped my hat off. Electronica, euro-pop, trance and hip hop sound so good on them. I was contemplating buying a denon d2000 but am holding off since the m50 is so good for my current needs that I do not find a need to replace them.

Enjoy and welcome to the m50 club!
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Surprisingly they arrive on Friday rather than on Monday, so I've a few hours of listening time in. I let them burn in with some various music for maybe 5 hours or so right when I got them, as I had to leave for something right after they were delivered.

So far they sound great. I really like them. I can't wait to see how they progress in sound quality after using for longer. However, as a newbie to the audiophile scene, I wonder how much I will actually be able to tell the progression/difference. We'll see.

As rjoseph said, they indeed sound fantastic on some good electronica, dance, and trance music, which I happen to listen to a lot. I got some Oakenfold and Benny Benassi in Apple Lossless and it sounds sweet. Really clear, and nice and not over-powering bass.

I will see about getting a pink noise FLAC to try some more burn-in. Any difference in Pink vs White noise?
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Yeah they sounded good to me out of the box too. Hope you have fun with them. Seems like you listen more of EDM than any other genre? :)

Anyway don't bother burning in with pink/white noise, just listen to it. (my opinion)
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Cool. I listen to a variety of music, though electronic music of a various of types seems to be my recent favorites. I also have some Bob Dylan and Peter Gabriel in lossless. Unfortunately a big portion of my iTunes library is in 128K sadness format, though there is a good number in 320k. Lossless kills my hard drive space
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Originally Posted by wenhui /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Anyway don't bother burning in with pink/white noise, just listen to it. (my opinion)

Agreed. I burned in my AD900 and regret doing so now. Not because they sound bad, but just because I feel I didn't do it justice, leaving it in the other room. Therefore I started listened to my A900Ti right from the start. My listening sessions were the burn-in process. Much better, as you can actually hear the differences that occur.

Plus, you get to know each other better, you and your M50...
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I'm now part of the m50 club, mine arrived yesterday.

So happy with them, the quality is awesome and since they were second hand, the burn in is quite complete. These are my first good quality full-sized headphones and I couldn't be happier.
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does anyone find them a tad siblant? i do... about 50% of the songs a have sound siblant, but passable. the only reason im crying is because when i listen to cynic, i hear the siblance the most. its almost unbearable when i listen to any cynic song.

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