Better earphones that yamaha eph 100 with a budget of 150$?
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highs and vocals

So you're ok with the bass quantity?
If so, I would just get a  iem with a slightly v shaped sound just to be safe
The RHA ma750, yamaha eph100, and dunu dn1000 all fit that category.
If you'd like a bit of a bargain, theres also the ttpod t1e
Gr07 BE vs rha ma750 can be found near the end of the article
dn1000 vs ma750
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If you pay attention to joker's reviews, you'll notice that he often compares it to Monster's Miles Davis Trumpets. That said the trumpets are discontinued (I'd say due to cheap cable components!

He describes it as more nuanced, with a slightly more (and controlled) bass. I've owned it four times over due to the lifetime replacement (or not so lifetime).

In short, I'd recommend the find of a reasonably priced pair - it will make you rediscover your ENTIRE music collection. The timbre accuracy of the Trumpets is amazing, so even old recordings sound even more impressive. I love the soundstage too. If you're a fan of jazz, you'll find that depiction of brass instruments to be pretty detailed. Drums skins are palpable by ear. Electric bass/ guitar rigs sound premium, you'll definitely hear good expensive gear bring played. I'm not sure if you can say the same for the Yamaha. Finally, the trumpets love a high freq boost, clarity just expands more so, just like the extensions and soundstage. Good luck.

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