best isolation headphones from the following selection
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Jan 7, 2012
hey guys,
hate to be a total newbie who hasn't done a ton of research but i'm urgently looking for a pair of headphones that'll give me the best bang for my buck in isolating noise balanced with quality. just moved into an apartment where it's pretty loud upstairs with kids and stuff and i want to isolate the noise while listening to lectures without blasting the volume and damaging my ears.
i'm in a suburb-ish part of Canada away from Toronto for schooling right now so my best bet is picking something up from future shop.  the website has the following options available that aren't sold out:
Sennheiser On-Ear Headphones (HD 201) ($49.99)
Sennheiser Headband Headphones (HD438) ($129.99)
Coby On-Ear Noise Canceling Headphones (CV195) ($20.99)
AKG Foldable Sound Isolating Headphones (K403) ($69.99)
Lethal DJ On-Ear Headphones (T5502) ($69.99)
AKG Headband Headphones (K518) ($69.99)
JVC Xtreme Xplosives Headphones (HA-M5X) ($59.99)
JVC DJ Monitoring Headphones (HA-M750) ($69.95)
Shure Professional Headphones (SRH440) ($116.99)
Sony MDR-V700DJ DJ Style Headband Headphones ($99.99)

hope this post doesn't offended anyone and it'd be great to get some help
thanks so much!
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Out of that list, I'd pick the Shure 440's.  Should be pretty good isolation.
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The AKG K518 blocks a lot of noise too. For example on public transportation the noise of the bus or train is almost 100% blocked out. To be fair I have't tried any of the other cans on your list.

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