Been thinking about low impedance headphones
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I don't want to offend anyone but those inexpensive portable amps won't do any of those pairs any justice. They might have enough volume but won't explore their full potentials.

Your right, the Grado RA-1 makes the phones sound very distant and faded with any of the stock cables. But, the question is, would a HD-595 sound better than a HD-600 with Dowin cable on an inexpensive home amp somewhere between $250 - $450? For example the Heed Canamp or the Little Dot Mk 4
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Okay I want to know about impedance as well. If I had 4 grand to spend on any amp, and or amp for my Senn 650's would you suggest moding them for low impedance and getting a low impedance amp. Which one if so. If not, why?
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It's surprising that the AKG did not get at least one vote; I remember reading in the Heed Canamp thread from a few people that the Canamp powered the k701 well.
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Just sell the overpriced and underperforming RA-1 and use the proceeds to buy a better amp.
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First of all the PPAv2 is a home amp, not a portable. Second, ericj is on the money here, ditch the RA-1, and get a proper home amp like the PPA or a tube amp of sorts. The Little dot MK series is developed for use with the HD600 and 650. Take a look at the MKIII or MKIV SE
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K701's are more difficult to drive than the HD600's. They have lower impedance but they also need lots of current to play properly and loud. Just refer to Uncle Erik's post - all that matters for you is efficiency per given voltage dB/V, the higher, the better. When it's in dB/mW, you need to recalculate it for dB/V considering the impedance.

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