Beats vs alternatives
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May 28, 2012
I'm looking at getting some new headphones, and my main choice right now are Beats Studio. I looked at getting AKG Quincy Jones Q701s, but i cant have as much leakage as many people said that had. I realize that most people here hate beats but seeing as I'm not very knowledgable on headphones, I can't find the right kind for me. I need something that's durable, doesn't leak, looks fresh (I'm young so i dont want anything too plain looking, I want to feel proud about the way my headphones look), under $300, and suitable for music that I listen to (pop). One nice thing I saw about beats is the noise canceling feature. Also they have to be comfortable for long periods of time. Please keep in mind that I'm not a dj and don't know a lot of technical terms. With that in mind, does anyone have any suggestions of other headphones to buy?
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Pioneer HDJ2000, Soul SL150 (I'm going to take flak from celebrity headphone bashers for this), and possibly the ATH M50 limited edition sound like they would fit the bill. The rest of Pioneer's HDJ line are also pretty good looking while the SL150 is probably the only good mainstream headphone of most of the celebrity endorsed headphone crop, excluding AKG. Neutral yet bassy sound sig goes well with many tracks. The M50...I won't speak much for it but while the normal M50 is overhyped and rather bland looking, the limited edition one looks worlds better.
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The Beats Studio are horrible for leaking sound.  I had a pair, bought them before I found this site.  I was going on a long flight, and wanted the noise reduction, and was pulled in by the celebrity endorsement.  Brought them home, set them up, plugged them into my iPhone and cranked it up.  The sound was okay, but not really $300, but the main thing was the leaking.  My wife instantly looked at me and mouthed "That's loud!"  I asked, "You can hear that", and she said "Oh yeah."  If you look on youtube, there are many reviews of the Studios, and they all say the same thing.  I returned them, and in my search of good sound, stumbled upon this site, and I've lurked ever since.  Eventually, before the IEM bug got me, I bought some Audio Technica ATH-M50s, and they were great.  I sold them to fund my IEM addiction, but I'm considering the Ltd. edition silver ones, might be time to get back into over-ears.
Hope that helps a little.
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I'm really considering the M50s right now. I saw on Amazon that there was an included portable amp. Is this necessary for iPhones/iPads? 
Also: comfort is really important to me as I'll being going on some long flights, and noise cancellation might be important. Thoughts?
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check out 
- Sennheiser PXC310BT - it's jam packed with awesome features - excellent noise cancelling, bluetooth wireless with apt X, it's a headset so you can chat and it has a very nice foldable mechanism and feels really well built IMO.
- or have a look at some of the Phiaton range of headphones, especially the noise cancelling PS300NC, it's got awesome sound and looks the bizness with leather components a plenty, also the PS500 'audiophile' headphones or the cheaper MS400 are a good buy as well IMO

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