Beats Studio 3.0 (Releasing Fall 2017)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MICHAELSD, Jul 6, 2017.
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  1. trellus
    In backwards order, thanks for the impressions on the Heyday 'phones -- noticed them at Target just last week, but no demos at this Target store I went to.

    I'm assuming the $149 Studio Wireless on sale last year was the older model, not the Studio3? That's a great price! For that price, I'd consider it if it goes on sale again.
  2. Joshiwo
    I'm gonna return my Matte Black, which I got for $285, seeing as the largest cell phone provider is having a sale on the Decade Edition, down from $430 to $245.

    Sound-wise they are far from the best, but they cover what I want for everyday commuter/office headphones, with very low leakage, great connection (iOS), great battery life and decent ANC.
  3. Maukey
    The Matte Black and Red are both going for $213 right now on Amazon! For that price, I would say hands down, these are the overall best Wireless ANC headphones on the market. Insane value for these in my opinion, and made even better if you're in the Apple Eco System.
  4. Joshiwo
    I wish Amazon was available over here, but it isn’t. But I’m getting the Decade Edition 43% off, so I’m quite happy.
  5. Maukey
    Still very much worth it
    You can definitely get better wired headphones for $59.99 but for wireless the build/sound quality seemed decent for the price as far as Heyday goes.

    Yup, that was the Studio 2.0 model. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Studio3 at that price this year since it’s already down in the $200 range. Probably $199 advertised price with some sweeter deals available elsewhere.
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    For $349, there are too many flaws to justify the price. At $200 it’s an entirely different story since it becomes a compelling option for Apple users wanting ANC, with sound quality that’s comparable to ~ $150 headphones with a more exciting tuning designed for an active lifestyle and a good-looking design with plasticy build quality that’s about par for the course for the price.
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    Re: Heyday headphones, I checked out the demo again since I usually find my way in the headphones section when I visit Target. I was surprised to find that they had about a dozen songs to demo, and the sound quality was better than I thought initially after spending a little more time with it. They may be more comfortable than the Solo3, with a less bass-heavy sound that has decent clarity in the mids and a punchy bass with a balanced sub-bass. For the $60 price I was certainly more impressed with the Heyday demo than the Studio3 demo. If they support AAC (the demo was wired) then I’d consider them a solid contender for the price. They look and mostly feel premium, but can easily tell it doesn’t have a truly premium build. Would actually be curious to see Rtings measure the Heyday headphones. They could be a solid value.
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  9. Derek411
    I often wonder what my old headphones would sound like to me now. My Walkman over ear things. :)
  10. trellus
    I suspect, they would sound very bad in comparison to even $15 Koss KSC75 clip-ons. :)
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    I think we all used to blissfully enjoy our low-end gear before we became “audiophiles.” I’m curious how bad my $29 Microsoft “premium” in-ear headphones would sound now.
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