Attn Canadians - Turbines sales!
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Oct 25, 2008
Just checked out the Futureshop flyer for the week and the Monster Turbines are up for 99$!

Probably gonna pick a pair up, but just wanted to share my joy

Future Shop: iPod & MP3 Players: Headphones: Monster's Turbine High-Performance In-Ear Headphones
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Just noticed this was already mentionned on the Turbine appreciation thread, so sorry 'bout the repost....

I just picked them up, at the Marche Central (last pair btw), testing them out right now against my beloved Atrio

So far so good, but the Atrio is still better IMO, we'll see after burn-in of the Turbines
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Very, very, very tempted.

Although I have absolutely no need for this.


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Huge thanks for posting this! Been looking for something to replace my SF5Ps which met their unfortunate end in the laundry. Verrrry happy with them right out of the box, just a tremendous value.
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Now let's just hope that nobody posts this on RFD, otherwise we just may be screwed. But they don't exactly like Monster, so hmm...

Way too late. lol. I post there as well and it was actually up in RFD before here. RFD effect soon, it'll be out of stock in matter of days.
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Oh come on man let people here have a chance
. I think I've seen the RFD effect already, I went this morning to get my money back because I bought a pair 2 weeks ago and there was only one pair left. I then proceeded to grab that last one and buy it for a friend of mine. Best deal in a while for us.

I also picked up a 4 gig clip last week which was 30$ off also in futureshop haha.

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