ATH-DCL3000"R" arrived
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Oct 31, 2003
OK, after giving it a long thought for about a month, I finally ordered and received Audio Technica's cordless headphone. This is a separately sold headphone for ATH-DCL3000 surround headphone system, but it is also compatible with Pioneer SE-DIR1000C which I am using.

Comes with headphone stand, 2 AA NiMH batteries and a separate charger.

Forgive me about the messy background.

ON/OFF switch and volume control are on RH.

Batteries box on LH.

Separate battery charger(charges 2 AA/AAA NiMH/NiCd, input 100-240V 50/60Hz) fits nicely under the headphone hanger base.

I haven't spent much time with it yet, but I found it very comfortable and fits nicely around my head, just like other AT phone does. And it sounds definitely warmer than 1000C.
So far I've only played Japanese pop/rock CD (Crazy Ken Band) and Diana Krall Live In Paris DVD, and DCL3000R didn't sound so good with the former, but did a great job with the latter. It gives more depth on acoustic instruments, and makes Diana's vocal more alive and sexy.
I'll do some more comparison on movies and rock lives later this week if I have time. And if anybody's interested.
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Nice. I like the stand. Problem with the 800c phones is there's nowhere to put them.

I'm interested in a comparison with the 800c phones as the 3000R costs more than the entire 800c package.
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Looking forward to the comparison, especially against hard-wired headphones. I would love to have a set of wireless headphones, but so far I haven't been willing to take the performance hit for them.
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Wow. Surprised to see more than 1 people showed interest to my post. LOL.

Eric F:
I don't have 800C, so it's going to be 1000C vs 3000R comparison. AFAIK 1000C and 800C difference is not so significant compared to 1000C vs 3000R, sou you should be able to imagine what it's like. (Or you can search for JMedeilos' review and do the math.)

I'll do comparison to wired headphone (probably SR225) this weekend but you have to understand it will not be simply headphone vs headphone but will include built-in DAC/amp difference.

Just bumping up the thread so I won't lose the trace.
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I'm mostly interested in knowing if I can do away with my HD-600s with the 20 foot Cardas cable. While the sound quality is good for movies, the cord can be a bit of a pain at times.
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I ordered a pair of these from Audio Cubes back on June 21st. I received an e-mail from them saying that these headphones had a limited initial production run and that there would be a slight delay in getting them to me. As of today, they have been shipped and I should have them by tomorrow or the next day. I have the Pioneer DIR800C unit so I'll post how they sound compared to the Pioneer headphones and how well they work with the Pioneer base unit.

Great pictures, Takashi. Thanks!
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I don't think I've actually seen any wireless headphones that actually look good. These look worse than the A500/A900 cans made by the same company (headband still sucks, plus they added ugly battery/receiver things). The pioneer headphones are pretty ugly too.
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These cans remind me of a "Journey" album cover. (was that a good troll?)
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I'm really qurious about the comparison between the 1000 and 3000. I also have a Pioneer SE-DIR1000C and when I saw that AC was selling the 3000c I was tempted to buy them.

So, there are no problems with using the AT cans with the Pioneer transmitter? How's the build quality of the AT's? Are the AT's more comfortable them the Pioneers?

Again, looking forward to the review
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My ATH-DCL3000Rs arrived today and I did a very quick comparison to my Pioneer DIR800Cs.

The first thing I noticed was that the Audio-Techs were quite light and they looked a little on the "flimsy" side--especially since I spent over 300 bucks on them. (Guess I was expecting something with the build quality/finish of my woody W1000 Audio-Techs. Ah, but that's the allure of those wooden headphones--lovely looks, but not the best sound.) After trying them on and walking around with them for a short while, their build quality reminded me of my Sennheiser 595s--light-weight, but well-put together. I inspected them more closely. Perhaps, I was premature in thinking that they were "flimsy." They are actually well-manufactured. The ear pads are thick and cushiony and comfortable. And there were no noticeable flaws in the construction of the headphones.

The 3000Rs are big, though--roughly the same size as the W1000s. The Pioneer 800Cs are noticeably smaller in comparison. (I have an average size head, so the 800Cs fit me fine. My ears are practically "swimming" in the 3000Rs.) The storage compartment for the batteries and receiver compartment on the headphones don't make them look any smaller, but, hey, who's watching me wear these things?

I put the batteries from my Pioneer Dolby Headphones into the 3000Rs and fired up the Pioneer Dolby Headphone transmitter. I put "American Beauty" in my DVD player and selected DTS. I turned on my new 3000Rs and they responded to the Pioneer unit without a problem. The sound from the headphones was very nice without any break-in time. Very nice, but compared to what? Onto the next step...

I put a second pair of batteries into my Pioneer 800Cs and switched back and forth between the two different headphones. The difference was quite substantial. The Audio-Technicas had a MUCH fuller sound. The soundstage was much wider with better depth to the mids The bass was fuller with a noticeably better punch than the Pioneers. Also, when I used the Pioneers, I cranked the volume to max to satisfy my hearing needs. I did not need to turn the volume control to full to get the same satisfaction from the Audio-Technicas. Plus, at that volume the Audio-Techs had a much more lush, full "movie" sound while the Pioneers sounded confined and less involving.

I'll have to try these cans out with some music and other movies and break them in more to see how they fare. But based on my initial impression, if I have a guest over I'd give her/him the Pioneers and keep the Audio-Techs for myself--unless, of course, I want to be a generous host--then, I'd let my guest use the Audio-Techs.

(If I was a real generous host, I'd guess I'd buy a second set of Audio-Technicas so we could both enjoy their fine sound.)
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As what Franchot has wrote roughly sums it up, there's not much left to say about it. But since I promised I'll do my version nonetheless. My equipments are AV400(chinese DVD/CD player that plays almost anything) ->optical cable ->DIR1000C transmitter.

SE-DIR1000C vs DCL3000R
[Comfort and construction]
1000C's full sized curcumaural, jersey pad is very comfortable, but because of receiver units pretty top heavy and slides off position if you look down. 3000R has velour like soft pad and fits snugly onto your head and it stays nicely, little heavy on top as well but basically the same comfort as other AT phones.
Construction is good on 3000R, everything fits perfectly and doesn't squeak, although it may not endure heavy duty usage. 1000C looks more study, but whole design(including material choice) is not as good as 3000R, as 1000C tends to make small tinny clinking noise if you move you head. (It looks like coming from several places like inside the right cup, hinges and headbad when twisted a little. Use of metal parts and slightly loose fit at hinge is causing this, I guess. I can live with this but some may not like it.)

Diana Krall Live in Paris - I Love Being Here With You (dts)
With DH2 setting, 1000C exibits spacious presentation. It's really like you are sitting in the seat and players are on the stage several meters away from you. Highs and lows are pretty good on them.
Changing to 3000R, first you'll notice fuller mid. Diana Krall's voice was good on 1000C but now it really sounds like her voice is alive and sexy. Then the tune goes on to instrument solo part, it was a pleasant surprise too. With 3000R you will hear fingering and picking work of guitar and bass, subtle piano expressions. 3000R is very good at transition sound of acoustic instrument. For example, 1000C expresses snaredrum rimshot "rim" sound well, but 3000R adds resonance of drum head and body to it. And wood bass on 1000C is pretty much picking and following boom but 3000R lets you hear how strings vibrates. In short, 3000R's fuller mids present "body" of sound pretty good. I was very satisfied with DCL3000R for acoustic music.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Live at Slane (dts)
Either with or without dolby headphone, 3000R sounded distant and hollow. Instruments used(including Chad's drum) have very strong attack and almost no decay until the end of sustain, so I guess that pretty much take away advantage from 3000R. 1000C has stronger highs and lows, definitely better for rock, period.

American Beauty (dts)
As I have the same DVD as Franchot used for review, I thought it would be interesting comparison.
What I like with 1000C is it's wide and airy perspective. It really makes me feel like listening to the speakers, or being at theater. The switching to 3000R, voices became fuller and forwarded. Sound effects becomes less, background music is less louder but more musical. Switching back to 1000C, then it felt like looking at panoramic but plain picture from 2 or 3 meter distance. 1000C is wide and spacious but not as deep in distance. While 1000C is pretty open, you will definitely feel more personal with 3000R.

Matrix Revolutions (Dolby Digital 5.1)
I was pretty sure this is going to be something different. Because the movie is filled with sound effects, it means this is full of artificial sound opposed to real life drama like American Beauty. Music is also very electrical, with strong beats.
Watching the scenes where Captain Mihune fights to his last breath in his APU, the sound of machine guns are very different on 1000C and 3000R. High pitch mechanical clicking and explosive low boom is what you hear with 1000C, but 3000R gives you mechanical clicks followed by mid-low bang, then boom adds to it. While 3000R sounds more realistic but 1000C's booming low overwhelms the scene, I liked 1000C better. In fact, synthesized sound effects are better with 1000C.

[SR225 vs 1000C vs 3000R]
Tomb Raider Cradle of Life (dts)
Now it's time for regular wired phone. 3000R costs $300 but considering it has recever/amp built in, I thought something around $200 should be a match.
I plugged SR225 into DIR1000C transmitter, and started to watch DVD.
First sequence of Cradle of Life sounded so good with SR225. All the rumbling low sound are superb, yet sound of water/waves are so clear. And voices are decently forwarded, easier to listen to.
Switching to 1000C I was disappointed that it sounded somewhat "thin". Again it sounded panoramic but not much depth.
3000R has its own fullness, but not like SR225. 3000R is sometimes hollowish, too distant. But very good representation of actor's words.

300R is better on Drama-like movies, Jazz and Classical music. On the other hand 1000C does good on Pop/Rock music and action or SFX movies. SR225 beats both phone any day of the week, but the difference is not as big to deny wireless phones advantage.
Does 3000R worth $300? It sould be, since none other wireless phone offers this comfort and sound. Of cource the price will go down in time and next generation will be cheaper, but if you are looking for good wireless phone now, you should consider this one.

Hope this review makes sense to someone. Good night forks.

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