ATH-AD700 Getting Replaced?
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Feb 4, 2008
I've been trying to get a pair of these phones for a week now but most places are out of stock and Newegg has now deactivated them as well, is it usual for them to be sold out like this?

Also, how come the A900's are not listed on their AT's website?
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I ordered them from audiocubes the other day. They are cheaper at audiocubes2 for some reason though... You can still get them, just maybe not at the 100 bucks newegg was charging.
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They are still listed as in production according to the Jap AT website.

I noticed that AD2000 was also not listed in the English website for NA.
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Just noticed one of Amazon's featured merchants had 1 in stock so I jumped on it. Ordered a pair for $110 shipped, now I'm happy.
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I ordered a pair from amazon last friday for about the same price and they emailed me a day later and said they were out of stock. I ordered from a different featured merchant though. Man I really got crapped on as far as price goes :p How can you tell how many they have in stock?
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a couple weeks ago, i saw the ad700's were out of stock on newegg cuz it was only $103. then i couldn't even find them on the website anymore. but luckily a few days later, i checked newegg again and they were there again and in stock! so maybe need to wait for them to restock? *listens to new ad700s*
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they are in stock again at newegg for $103, but now theres no free shipping. i don't understand why the lowest shipping on newegg is 3 days when i can wait 2 weeks for stuff

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