At what point does my MacBook Pro (as source) become the weakest link...
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Jun 11, 2014
Hi all,
I’m a relatively quiet head-fi guy but making upgrades and my kit is now....(or will be after Santa arrives)

2012 MacBook Pro Retina (source)
Chord Hugo 2
Audeze LCD3 Fazors & Shure SE846’s
Standard audeze interconnects
Amazon cheapy (but short) USB to Chord.

My question is, at what point does the MacBook become the weakest link? I’m looking at upgrading my interconnects to the Hemidall 2 and a audio goth (Ebay) USB cable.
But my concern is that the circuitry and material quality in the MacBook is the Weakest link and therefore the £300++ in cables won’t give me any audible gains?

What are the next options? I love the PC/Mac for Audio as adjusting the equaliser is so easy and helps me tune the sound to my liking. Not as easy on an iPad lol
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Yes, from a digital transport perspective bit perfect is bit perfect. You already have a dedicated DAC in the Hugo no?

As for “high end” cables, while I think they look nice, don’t affect the sound in any appreciable way. JMO, so you do you.

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