Asus STX II recommended opamps!
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Sep 5, 2015
Hi guys,

I'm new to the forum and looking for pros help. I have an STX II and a pair of Audio Technica AD700X and another from Sennheiser, the HD598's.
I switched from the Muses 8920 to the LME49720 included in the swap kit, they sound better to me on the HD598, the AD700X i cannot tell yet because they still on their way to home.
Like the title says i need advice on some good opamps, if they exist.
I mainly game but i like to listen to music too...

I'm open to new suggestions to, like an external dac/amp, but i think the stx ii is a really good choice for my purposes...

Hoping to get some advice :)
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So i was searching the forum and found some nice tips, can someone explain the differences between this op-amps?
(I only use headphones but i will buy 3 op-amps for future proof)

3x LME49990
3x AD797BR
3x Muses01
3x Muses02

If someone could explain the differences between them i would apreciate the help.
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Yeah, you were really asking a question that should've posted in the DIY section, but I guess the low post count prevented you.  Good luck with the opamps.
I'm not sure about the others, but I'd be really wary of using the AD797.  It's a very high-gain opamp and may be unstable in a number of applications.  I've usually seen it in designs that are specialized for its use.

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