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Aroma audio: Witch Girl S, Pro and W12 (With Nebula N10 unboxing)

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  1. Vincent_Song
    If the new series open sale already, yes, you can try it in eear.
  2. Malevolent
    Great! Looking forward to trying them out!

    I recall having a generally positive opinion of the Witch Girl S when I auditioned them in E-Earphone in March. However, my impressions are rather vague now; will be sure to take a more measured and lasting approach on my next visit.
  3. Vincent_Song
    Busy day

    -3ae94cb4464289e6.jpg -4546db997a808fb4.jpg 2ae64eec7c17a48a.jpg f1c34ede503e99b.jpg 7bf7126a81355f91.jpg
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  4. Vincent_Song
  5. BirDZz
    Is there any review or first impression of the "Music Box Early" and how is it compare to Witch Girl Pro?
  6. Vincent_Song
    Unfortunately, Musical Box is not release yet, so there is not any early review, maybe later after it come out.
  7. zer0enna
    Hi Vincent, any chance Aroma will have a retailer in Singapore?
  8. Vincent_Song
    Sure, please wait next year, Singapore people will meet our product.
  9. Vincent_Song
  10. audionewbi
    I heard the W12 today, colour me very interested. It is not my own unit but an overseas friend who happen to be in Sydney. I did not even know he had this until I met him and saw him wearing it. We are in a scary time period in portable audio, there are so many great sounding items out there and not enough budget to cover them all.

    @Vincent_Song How come you can't find a local Sydney dealer, surely it shouldn't be that hard considering the sound of your gears.
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  11. Vincent_Song
    We tried, but things are not easy as you might think, they think our product are expensive, and we are lack of promotion in foreign country, so not many people know about our product, they don't want to take the risk
  12. Vincent_Song
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2018
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  13. ranfan
    Two more months until CanJam SG. :) I hope the Aroma will be there. Based on the Early review, the Musical lineup seems interesting to try.
  14. Vincent_Song
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