Arizona Head-Fi Meet: January 24th 2015 - Impressions Thread
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Post impressions from the Jan. 24th 2015 AZ Head-Fi meet here! The turnout at this meet was the largest we've had so far, and was a great success with lots of excellent gear. Special thanks to: The Harmon Library, HeadAmp, Garage1217, and everyone else too of course! Without your ears and without your gear, this wouldn't be possible. Will be looking forward to the summer meet with great enthusiasm! It really was fantastic guys, let's keep this thing going.
Please post pictures here as well! :)

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Great meet indeed:)
Here's some of the photos I took, wish I can attend the next meet and see you guys again.

(GS-X MKII from the headamp sounds very nice when paired with K1000)



(Garage1217 really has some great sounding amps)


(The rare LCD-1! :xf_eek: )








(Some kids seemed interested as well)

Thanks to all of you! :wink:
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Huge photo dump. I tried to get 1 pic of everyone. Feel free to take em, crop them, and use it as a fancy avatar for Head-Fi and stuffs.






















Chris had the face of pure joy...


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Wish I had taken more pics and ultimately, I wish I had brought my camera. So the above photos were taken with my phone using the VSCO Cam app.

The meet was a complete success. I am entirely grateful to everyone for making it so awesome. This was the biggest meet with many people attending, food being available, and even a few vendors showing up. Plus the gear that people brought was amazing.

I have to point out, the amps of the day for me were the Woo Audio WA6, Project Ember, and the Bottlehead Crack. These amps just sung for me. In regards to headphones, I regretted not giving a whole Lotta time to the HD800, but for the little bit I've heard, I have to say they are among the best. They were amazing through the Bottlehead Crack. The other headphone that I fell in love with was the Denon D7000. Now I want one, or a Demon D5000. :)
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I'd like to say that I very much enjoyed my time at this meet. Everybody was kind and welcoming and even though I was only able to stay for the first three hours, those three hours felt like one! 
My top picks for headphones would probably be the Alpha Prime, the LCD-X, and the TH-600. I was very impressed by the TH-600 coming out of that huge old Pioneer. 
I learned a lot at this meet as it was the first meet I've ever been to, and I have now caught a strain of the dreaded upgraditis! Money, money, money, it's not funny! lol
I am currently trying to decide between a T50RP mod (such as one from ZMF or Mr. Speakers) and the new Audez'e EL-8. There is not much information yet on the EL-8, but all I've heard so far is great things about its performance and how it is very affordable for an Audez'e at $699. I currently have the funds for it and I thoroughly enjoyed the LCD-3 and LCD-X at the meet, but the price difference is $150 (EL-8 $700-ZMFxVibro $550). But, that topic is a different ramble for a different time.
All in all, thank you for everybody who came and I am definitely looking forward to the next meet!
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Whoa that picture of the Garage1217 Solstice amp has me drooling for mine to arrive.
Keep the impressions coming folks.

Not a full range of HiFiMan headphones, or any LH Labs Pulse or smaller portable units at the meet?
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I came from Tucson but only visited for about 45 mins.  But my wife (see above pic) and I enjoyed listening to the Stax SR-009 and Blue Hawaii combo. I was surprised the SR-007 didn't seem the same as the SR-009, I thought I wouldn't notice any difference with ambient noise present. I also tried the Hifiman HE-6 through the HeadAmp GSX MkII after that, which I really wanted to like. Unfortunately, I didn't think wow. Seemed more a "closed" presentation than the Stax to me. Normally, I listen with my JH-16s when traveling and with high-end speakers at home. Also, my iPhone 6 plus with the lightning cable  seemed unable to properly interface with the older Macbook Pro, so I had to use the RCA input cables I was carrying with me.
It was great to visit. I hope I'll get another chance next time.
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Whoa that picture of the Garage1217 Solstice amp has me drooling for mine to arrive.
Keep the impressions coming folks.

Not a full range of HiFiMan headphones, or any LH Labs Pulse or smaller portable units at the meet?

Not this time unfortunately. I mostly saw Audeze headphones above anything else.
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I was a head-fi meetup virgin.
Many thanks to the organizers and all you head-fiers for hauling your phones and rigs. Next time I will get there much earlier so I can hear all the rigs. Had no idea there would be so many devices to listen to! I was quite impressed with everyone and your enthusiasm for both gear and music. It was like being in a very nice show room without sales pressure.
Looking forward to the next meetup.
Mike D.
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