Apple IEM for only Php850 or $19, fake or not?
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Aug 29, 2009
I found a store here in our place that sells this IEM for only 850 pesos or 19 us dollars. Is it fake or no? how will i know that its a fake or genuine? (actually it looks like the original) I know the price of the original is around 60 dollars. I might get it tomorrow, its worth a try for just 19 dollars.. hehehe.

Can anyone give me some tips on how to know if its original or not...thnks
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to talkingabout

yeah it looks like that one.. It has a box and a "a tube like thing" with rounded eadge. i dont know what is that. hhehee. but it looks exactly like that. The earphone is somewhat glossy and seems to be of high quality.
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Hi kababayan

I bet those are fakes, the price is too good to be true.

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