Amp for use with Klipsch B-20
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Jul 23, 2009
I've been look for a set so bookshelf speakers for a 2.0 setup to use with my computer for a while now.  I was looking to spend around $150 and Fry's is offering the Klipsch B-20's for $127 right now. I know I will need an amp to hook them up and I was wondering if anyone could offer me some recommendation. I would like to keep the price of the amp under $100 if possible. 
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Hmm those are pretty efficent speakers so i would think even a TA2020 based amp would be more than enuff for PC Audio/ Nearfield but for well under $100 perhaps the Topping TP22 (TK2050 based) ?
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  i also got a question on this speaker. can i use the NAD c350 integrated amp to use with this speaker? newbie here please help thanks

Ya sure why not - let us know how these pair up and if u liked em 


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