Amazing how perspectives change!
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May 1, 2005
hi all.
It has been a good 4-5 weeks since i have been here, to cut a long story short, i ended up in hospital with a smashed up leg, some bruising and a very distinct lack of anything hifi.
So surviving for a month with a battery-rationed ipod and some ksc75's i return home to my speaker setup and fall in love all over again.
Its amazing how perspectives change; before the accident, i was saving to build some new speakers. Today, i took the £300 odd i had saved up and spent the lot on new records.
i am no longer looking for that extra clarity in the midrange, to get rid of that touch of sibilance, or to extend the bass a little deeper. Its all about the music man!
One of two things must have happened;
1. Through starvation i have come to appreciate what i have a whole lot more.
2. Codeine is the greatest hifi tweak known to mankind.
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Don't worry, the urge will come back. It's just on vacation
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Originally Posted by SptsNaz /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Don't worry, the urge will come back. It's just on vacation

Probably true, but what the heck, take what you have & enjoy this new (albeit temporary) perspective change while you can! I don't think it hurts to, at least, slow down our crazed, addictive upgraditis. Besides, you can't really go wrong with the investment in the new music.

Happy listenin'!
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Sorry about the smashed up leg! I'm glad you pulled through to return to your speakers.

And who knows? Maybe when we realize that we take so many things for granted (like health, or hearing for that matter) we take a step back and learn to appreciate the essentials in life, and forget about the minutiae. At least for a little while...
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This just makes me think of how ridiculously awesome my music will sound once I get back into high end headphone stuff again. For I guess close to a year Ive been only using K81dj's and the amp/dac combo in the Citypulse. Once I go back to my tube amp, an upgraded DAC, and some serious cans, I'll probably need a new pair of pants.
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Same happened to me after a week away with just iPod and KSC75's for company. Any comiserations on the smashed-up leg, just hope you have some impressive manly scars and a nice anecdote to accompany them when you show them off down the pub.

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