AKG k240 vs Ultrasone
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Jul 4, 2006
Looking for some recent thoughts on the AKG K240.  I used to have the ultrasone 580 and liked them a lot but had to return them due to funds at the time.  How would the akg k240 compare?  Seems the bass is deep enough from the reviews I've seen but is it punchy like the ultrasone line?  I saw the the akg k240 for a cheap price on Amazon so I was contemplating getting them.  I don't care about open vs closed.  Main use would be using them plugged into my pc via usb sound card/amp
Any help appreciated 
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I used the original K240 for around a year and though at first I found it a little thin sounding, I eventually found them very well rounded. They leaned a little bright to my ears but not fatiguing, bass didn't pound but was present and accurate, especially for the price. With velour pads the comfort is unparalleled. I have yet to find a more comfortable can. I wouldn't describe them as punchy but have only had limited experience with the Ultrasone 580 but you're going from a closed back to semi-open so you have to manage expectations there.

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