akg k240 pleather vs velour pads
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May 27, 2016
Plan on buying these on ebay real cheap (for vocals) im thinking pleather may give better bass impact (apparently this headphone could use the help) at the expense of soundstage and velour the reverse. Any ideas thanks.
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Velour will kill the bass on them.
It won't be anything like the more full bodied sound you get with the K600's or K700s series with velours.
It will just be bassless, thin and a bit harsh.
Pleathers all the way with these.
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I use the K 240 S with HiFiMAN velour pads and and I did excessive testing with other pads that I had lying around. Swapping pads back and forth like a maniac. For me with these pads the k240s dont lose bass presence at all and actually sound better than with the stock pads. Not thin or harsh at all. They open up the sound, the soundstage gets way bigger and the bass is as it was with stock pads. Well, at least to me anyway.
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Thanks for response, this is a tough one for me because a lot of people are saying the bass is anemic stock. I care about having at least slight bass impact with this headphone but i also care a lot about soundstage/openess (particularly for classical and vocals). So i lean towards openess with this headphone, i guess i will have to try both velour and pleather.
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Compared to something like an m50 or HD 681 Evo, the bass on the K 240 is anemic. With the stock pads, because they are so flat, your ears will be touching the driver housing, of course you get the most bass out of them. With the hifiman velour pads you get more distance from your ears to the driver, which helps immensly in terms of comfort and in sound.  Again, I dont find the bass to suffer or be more anemic than it originally was the stock pads. The bass on the K240 is just not the strongest out there, regardless of the pads.
So, maybe another can is more appropriate for you ?

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