Advice for a friend. Bassy IEMs for <£50?
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Dec 13, 2008
I've not been on head-fi for a while now and I've stopped the whole headphone hobby for about half a year now so I'm not up to date anymore. He says...

"Bassy headphones (IEMs) at a maximum of £50. Mostly used listening to pop and synthpop(especially the latter... owl city/lights), occasionally rock/alt. Preferably available on Amazon/Play."

He said he also loves Comply tips and would love the IEM to be compatible with them.

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The Jazz have an off-size nozzle so if your friend already has comply tips in one of the more common sizes (T200 or T400) they won't fit. I don't actually know which size fits the Jazz, if any. Other than that they're a solid option.
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At that price range from Amazon there isn't anything I know of that's better. For iem's they are quite big but nothing to worry about. I'm not sure about comply's. If comply compatability is important and you fancy sennheiser's the cx550 might be worth a shot. (T400's i think).
edit: There are these for £65 that are a great buy if's an option.
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My father is an audiophile basshead and he really, really liked the Fischer Audio Enigma's. He doesn't want to give them back.

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Sony EX500, Denon C551, UE Metro_Fi 220 and D-Jays..........

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