64 Audio US CIEM Demo Tour - Tia Fourte' and U18 Tzar >>> Starting May 2017

  1. DWbirdseye
    Good thing you didn't listen before going to work, you'd still be at home.
  2. rumina
    great comparsion of the tia fourte to the obravo eamt-1c. i have the tia fourte now for some weeks and realy like them. the obravo eamt-1c is for me the little brother of the stax sr-009 whereas the tia forte is the little brother of the sr-007. the obravo-1c are great with classic or opera (or audiophile recordings like susan wong) but arn't very gentle to bad recordings like the sr-009. due i often listen to jazz/soul/r&b/country i often prefer the sr-007, this headphone is like the tia forte gentle to bad or medicore recordings. the tia fourte has this extra bass drive combinated with a lovley renderding of voices, not as neutral as the obravo-1c but with a extra portion of fun and engaging. the tia fourte has the ability to scale very well up, nice balanced sound. the soundstage has a nice width and high, lacks only a tad of the deep defination. with silicon tips they are a bit to bright for me (but i like the highs a bit tamed), so some foam (comply) tips are the perfect cure. the orginal cablel is fine but the dita truth (cooper) cable is a dream team, the highs are now perfect, detailted and smooth without loosing details. even more, with the dita cable the bass get's up to the quality of the obravos (no bloom in contrast to the orginal cable), the definition down to the subbass is excelent (imo a tad better then the obravos but the eamt-1c goes a tad lower). it's the first iem with balanced amatures that i realy like. in contrast to the obravo eamt-1c the tia fourte is very easy to drive, perfect fine direkt out of the ak380cu. a sr-009 on to go? get a obravo eamt-1c. when you like a sr-007 or lcd-3 on to go get the tia fourte :).
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  3. Quadfather
    Received the tour kit from DWbirdseye in great shape, although the U18 Tzar is missing its cleaning tool. 20171109_192443.jpg 20171109_191720.jpg 20171109_192353.jpg 20171109_191858.jpg
  4. Quadfather
    I have heard the Tia Fourte on Lotoo Paw Gold Diana, Questyle QP1R, and Sony NW-WM1A. I like these IEMs on the Questyle QP1R best. Very spacious, open, and natural. I will have to spend some time with both sets. the Fourte sounds crazily good and natural. The Shure SE846 has great bass quantity, however the Tia Fourte's bass presentation is quicker, nimbler, and more organically natural. The SE846 also lacks the upper midrange/treble clarity and extension of the Fourte. I have to listen longer, as these are initial impressions. The SE846 is still a warm, darkish, quality entry to the IEM market. The midrange and treble clarity, extension, and timber on the Tia Fourte is the best I have ever heard from an IEM, but still silky smooth. The Tia Fourte has a much bigger soundstage than Shure SE846. Again these pair phenomenally well with the Questyle QP1R in high gain. I am using 96kHz/24bit, high resolution files. I briefly listened to the U18 Tzar, but liked the Fourte so much more thar Tzar promptly went back in the box. I AM IN LOVE WITH THE TIA FOURTE! Strangely, and surprisingly, these sound great on Sony NW-WM1A single ended output.
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  5. Quadfather
    Barra, can we start a grief counseling thread for those of us not able to afford these?
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  6. Barra
    They are truly unique CIEMs! :L3000:
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  7. Quadfather
    Well, the packaging, accessories, and the U18 Tzar all went into the fire safe to keep Sig, Gaston, and my assorted external hard drives company. As for the Tia Fourte's...well, not quite yet.
  8. Quadfather
    I am going to really hate sending these off in a week.
  9. Quadfather
    The bore tube seems about 3 to 4 mm too short for my ears...
  10. koven Contributor
    Ugh too bad the tour won't get to me before the BF sales, may have to just blindly buy the Fourte at 20% off.
  11. Quadfather
    I found some wide bore, longer triple flange sleeves and now everything is perfect.
  12. aaf evo
    Thoughts of Fourte vs Zeus XR? Seeing a lot of U18 Tzar comparisons but not much on the Fourte, thanks in advance!
  13. Quadfather
    The cymbals on the Tia Fourte are so amazingly clear and present, but not remotely harsh. No sibilance! A very engaging, enveloping, clear detailed sound with no hint of boring, analytical thin sound qualities. Fun, real. Close your eyes to your favorite songs; you are sound waves floating in instrument created reality. The Tia Fourte is The Master of Reality! After briefly trying out the U18 Tzar and the Tia Fourte...well, to say the least, I don't want to take any time from the Tia Fourte. At least I have other things in the safe to keep the Tzar company. I am so glad I found wide-bore, triple flange sleeves that fit. I was near giving up, because I thought the bore tubes were too short; I was wrong. Take time with ear tip selection.
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  14. DWbirdseye
    What tips are you using, triple flange silicone were the only ones that worked for me. Whoops I didn't see your next post.
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  15. Quadfather
    I had some wide bore, longer triple flange sleeves that fit perfectly. You are right.

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