3D Ear Impression Scans - UK
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Jun 2, 2013
Hello, does anyone know of any companies in the UK who do 3D ear impression scans, such as Otoscan? I was recommended to contact Hearology in London, but they have stopped doind them. Thanks in advance.
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Yep, I've used Gisele before, although i don't think she does 3D impressions though, unless I'm wrong.
Any reason they have to be 3-d impressions? Other option is to get some done by Giesle and ask very very nicely if someone like Custom Art would scan them for you perhaps? No idea if they offer that sort of service but might for a small fee.
Edit sorry Kev, saw your post and replied to that instead of the op!
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Thanks everyone for the replies. I thought I should respond and let people know that unfortunately Snugs referred me to Hearology, but unfortunately they are not doing 3D scans at the moment. So I will contact Gisele.

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