< $30 Amp for my Laptop! Please help!!
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Originally Posted by jageur272 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
DAC Destroyer is not a DAC/amp. Please don't recommend things you don't have experience with.

OP, don't get an amp with that price range. It'd just be a waste.

I was not recommending. I was showing him whats in the range.
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I think if you can stretch you budget to $50, and don't mind buying used, you can probably find more suitable budget amps in the FS section.
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Originally Posted by macdaddy89 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Thanks everyone...

From everyone's response it sounds like buying an inexpensive amp that is <$30 is going to be a waste of money...

Any last ideas?!

I think it is NOT a waste of money. Basically good SS amps can be made quite cheaply. You will have to look for some Pro Headphone Amp, like Samson S·Amp, or Behringher HA400 (If it is it's name) at a bit more than $30. The amplifier might not be a great looking one, but it will perform great.

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