3 week old Compass and a new, loud buzzing noise.
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Mar 5, 2007
HELP!!! I've had my compass for about 2-3 weeks now, and it has been an outstanding performer. But all of a sudden, a loud buzzing noise is heard. Nothing seems "too hot" and I took the top off, and I cannot see anything bulging, distorted or burnt, but something has definitely changed.

It is still immaculate, sitting on my glass computer table, nothing grounding it out. Heck, I was 20 feet away from it and was not even active on my computer at that time.


I've also just sent an email off to Audio-GD, but I'm really concerned.

**UPDATE** It stops if I flip the Gain switch on the back to "High", but as soon as I place it to "Low" (where It has been without incident), it comes immediately back.

**UPDATE** Looks Like it has completely failed. No audio out in the least... and it's a Saturday...
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Just contact Kingwa/Cherry via email
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Originally Posted by ROBSCIX /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Kingwa and Cherry are the people you bought your DAC from.

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Originally Posted by ZoNtO /img/forum/go_quote.gif

Forgive me...I thought I was reasonably "with it," but this means what exactly?
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Welp, now the waiting game begins. I'm HOPING that the powers that be are willing to cross ship.

:::Fingers crossed:::

I'm missing my compass already. Back to the Elite Pro, and sound just seems... hollow, lacking depth.
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Update on this....

More dumb drama. The lady at the counter of DHL put the price of this at $400, which is well above the original cost of about $258 when I first when to ship this product from South Bend, Indiana. Apparently, Audio-GD is refusing to cover the custom taxes based on this, and while I am working very hard with DHL to correct this, Audio-GD wants to send this back.. Guess what, that will cost an additional $260 bucks to get it sent back, on top of the original $160 to send it to China in the first place.

WTH... This is getting out of hand, and very expensive. I am very lost / confused at what to do next.

I'm in contact with 2 people at DHL and will hopefully resolve this, but I have no idea at what is next.... Any advise is extremely welcomed.

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