1. Big C

    Yamaha HPH-MT220 Vs. PRO 500

        If the moderators believe this thread to be useful and valuable, please move it to Equipment>Headphones (full-sized).       At this very moment, I use the Yamaha RH-5MA 40mm closed back headphones because of their strong ultra-low bass presence, and the Pioneer SE-A1000 50mm open-air...
  2. Digital7

    Debunk the Yamaha MT220 Myth

    Hi people! I'll start-out by saying I'm very disgruntled about the false hype surrounding these headphones, and the hype seems to have gained unjust traction, so i need to do what i can to debunk the misnomers. This headphone has been, and is being touted nearly everywhere as supremely...
  3. ProblemChild

    Jonsein' for a new pair of headphones...What should I get?

    Gonna order a new pair of headphones this weekend. Might at as well take advantage of the memorial day sales. What I should I get? I listen to rock and alt. rock primarily. I do like my bass but not crazy mudd low. I already have DT770 Pro's and Pioneer HDJ-2000. I use the Leckerton UHA-6sMkII...
  4. cowby

    Yamaha HPH-MT220 earpad replacement

    Hi,       My 1 year old pair of MT220 need to replace the earpad as both pads are suffering "skin off" issue.  However, I couldn't find any pads avaiable on any online shops.  could any one of the owners give me some hints on that?   Cheers! Cowby
  5. AdamTR

    Yamaha Headphones (HPH MT220 & RH10MS)

    So I searched the entire web and couldn't find a comparison between these 2 underdogs...   The RH10MS is a bit older then the MT220 but they're both designed for studio use, having the Yamaha HS80m monitor speakers I was wondering if they come close to them and would mixing/mastering on these...
  6. Rikifi

    Yamaha hph mt220 thread (Merged)

    Looking at buying the yamaha mt220 for my keyboard, also for listening to music.. Any opinions on them here?
  7. sonorsnoopy

    PRAT Speed fullbodied unamped: YAMAHA 220 or Shure 1540 or Fostex 600 ?

    I am looking for a closed over the ear headphone. I had a Sennheiser HD600 which i loved for its full-bodied natural midrange, sound staging and PRAT - just wanting more bass. I also liked the M50 for its natural presentation and bang for buck. I like Magnepans for speakers. Looking for more...
  8. Minstrel59

    HPH MT220 vs DT150 vs DT250 250 ohm

    I'd love to read everyone (whose heard these 3)'s opinions on how they compare? My preference is for an experience that is: . Without amping . For listening to (and appreciating) vocal talent and acoustic music . Sibilance free smooooooth treble . Honest and real (whatever that may be?)...
  9. Yamaha HPH-MT220BL

    Yamaha HPH-MT220BL

    Clear, accurate sound. Elegant, beautifully simple. Created for creators, designed for your masterpieces. Over ear studio reference headphones. Headphones / Earphones Design Over-ear, closed Driver Type Dynamic Driver Unit Φ45 mm (1-3/4”) Impedance 37 ohms Maximum Input 1,600 mw Sound Pressure...