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    Unique Melody MERLIN + Whiplash Audio Hybrid TWAG+TWCU
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  4. ematthews

    Grado PS500 are better than the Beyer T1's

    As the title says the Grado's are better.. I have had both now for a few weeks and listened to them on a few different amps and source material.. I thought the Beyer's were going to e it for me but the Grado's are just more full, have a bigger sound and just hit hard in the bass. Guitars of...
  5. alterstar

    REVIEW - Whiplash Audio TWag V3 and TWcu V3 Hybrid cable for the Audeze LCD-2

    Hi guys! Just would like to start a thread regarding this new V3 cable line from Whiplash Audio :D   I'd also like to share my review of the cable which is published here: http://www.wheninmanila.com/whiplash-audio-twag-v3-and-twcu-v3-hybrid-audiophile-cable/   Thanks!   So anyone...
  6. Whiplash Audio TWcu v3

    Whiplash Audio TWcu v3

    The all new and certainly improved 8 conductor TWcu v3. The new v3 OCC copper is now 24.5awg. When you combine 8 wires together, the result is an incredible warm, detailed sound with all of the good trimmings this new v3 wire has.