1. alphameridian0

    FS: Burson V6 Opamps Classic/Vivid

    Hello, I've got the following opamps for sale: - V6 Vivid Duals | 55 shipped - V6 Vivid Singles | 45 shipped - V6 Classic Duals | 55 shipped - Excellent condition, original packaging, comes with socket saver! - Bundle Pricing: Buy 2 get $15 off. Can do entire bundle for 130.
  2. Geezer Rock 001

    SOLD FS Two sets of Burson Op Amps SOLD

    For sale are three sets of perfectly working Burson op amps. Selling individually or as a bundle. Item A Qty 1 V5-OPA-D Dual Item B Qty 2 V6 Classic Single Price and shipping as follows: Buy 1 item is $55 shipped 2 items are $100 shipped V6 Vivid s are sold. Will ship the next day...
  3. K

    Burson V6

    Hi Guys, I made step by step installation guide and review of Burson V6 OPAMPS on PowerColor Devil HDX sound card. Unfortunately, because I am new on the forum I can not publish it yet. Give me thumb up if you are interested of the review, please.
  4. Dobrescu George

    SoundMagic P22BT Portable Wireless Headphones On-Ear Discussion and Reviews

    I am making a thread about those headphones, I am a reviewer who will review them, but not affiliated with Soundmagic or anyone else. They can currently be found here, although they should become available in other places as well...
  5. SoundMagic P22BT

    SoundMagic P22BT

    To enable high fidelity sound, the drivers of the P22BT have been tuned for a dark and warm sound concentrating on a deep and pleasing bass response with balanced midrange and distinct instrumental separation. It is a feat of engineering of SoundMAGIC to achieve sound of this degree in such an...