1. Effect Audio Virtuoso

    Effect Audio Virtuoso

    EA’s first SPC cable, Thor Copper, won the hearts of many audiophiles and remains highly sought, even since its discontinuation three years ago. So we are delighted to introduce Virtuoso, a NEW SPC cable that comes with our new advanced geometry design and an even refined look to accessorise...
  2. Suyang

    Effect Audio Vogue Series Official Discussion Thread

    Hello Headfi-ers! How you guys doing? Effect Audio cables thread has been running actively since 2015 and so... I decided to create an extra one to catch interested headfi-ers specifically eyeing on entry cables for suggestions, impressions and discussions. Perhaps some have heard of our Vogue...
  3. raoultrifan

    New, Fully Balanced Burson Conductor 3X: Dual ESS9038, 7.5wpc XLR, 3.75wpc SE Headamp, Changeable Opamps

    I'm very glad to find out that BURSON Audio is building for us a brand new balanced DAC with balanced headphones amplifier inside! Several Head-Fiers were expected this, me included, so like always BURSON listens to us and then commits. The non-balanced 'brother" would be the C3-Reference combo...