1. musicman59

    New Violectric V220 and V281

    For those interested Robert from has the new Violectric amps for pre-order now. He told me he will be packaging a deal with WireWorld cables including Zeus headphone cable providing discounts on the cables when a Violectic amp is ordered. The higher the number of cables the...
  2. miziq

    NEW Violectric V220 and V281 seems to coming soon

    Exclusive final product images of the new Violectric V220 and V281. Check the full picture set after the jump:    
  3. Fegefeuer

    Violectric HPA V281 - Vorsprung durch Balanced (September 2023 Update: Limited Reissue Edition up for preorder!)

    BIG SEPTEMBER 2023 UPDATE After many requests Violectric will release a limited edition of the V281: the exact same sound, a few updates! reed relais volume now new pre-gain gradiations new remote some other features t.b.a. Order yours at Power Holdings with worldwide shipping...
  4. Violectric HPA V281

    Violectric HPA V281