upgrade cable
  1. Paul Zhang

    Effect Audio X Drop - The Origin IEM cable is up now!

    Effect Audio is working with "DROP" to present to you the Ultimate entry cable, The “Origin” !! Check it out via the link @ https://drop.com/buy/93588?vendor_key=ee36fbc7fe963a106f36427c26cdd72a Don't miss out!! :gs1000smile: :gs1000smile:
  2. mahesvara

    [Sold] Abyss Diana Phi

    For sale is my Diana Phi in great condition. I am the second owner, but the first owner purchased in Jan 2019, then moved on to an electrostat system, then sold to me in Feb 2019. I've kept the Diana Phi for home use (non smoking, no pet) exclusively since then. I only want to sell the DP...
  3. MrOTL

    Original Cable Studio: Looks and Sound, everything come

    Original Cable Studio: Looks and Sound, everything come Brand: Original Cable Studio (OC Studio) Foundation: 2012 in Taiwan Official Website: http://www.originalcable.com ‘Original Cable Studio’ is customized upgrade cable brand, established in 2012 in Taiwan. The founder of the brand...
  4. yuhengtiger


    Selling my HE6 in perfect condition. It has been well maintained and burned in. I got a pure silver occ litz (full size pure silver occ litz, 4x21awg) Silvergarde S cable from Norne Audio for it. Mr. Trevor Goldman from Norne Audio made this cable directly and it is the best cable for he6 I...