1. astroid

    Ultrasone Edition 12 and mysterious HFI-1000 wooooooo (ghost noise)!!!

    This has been posted in high end forum but in case you missed it :                 So we have a edition 10 but made of different materials, matt chrome etc (looks better imo).   Also we have mention of HFI-1000 , it could be an internal name of the edition 12 but i...
  2. southerneye

    HELP PLS, Ultrasone edition 12 earpad change!

    so after a few weeks, my ed 12 earpad's double sided tape started coming out, so I decided to change the earpad, and the pad is ridiculously priced, more than 175 dollars with shipping!!!! So, the picture: then, I peed the thing off, it became: one corner's black cloth is "destroyed" a...
  3. MrWong

    Ultrasone Edition 12 - Thoughts?

    Hi all First time poster, long time reader! Well not quite, but I've discovered the forum recently and its being extremely helpful.   Looking at a pair of Ultrasone Edition 12's. Anyone have any thoughts on these?  Reviews on these are non-existent as far as I can tell.  I understand they...


    The Edition 12 - the luxurious open-back all-rounder. The open sound transports you straight to an airy, 3-dimensional soundscape. These headphones are equipped with hand-selected, gold-plated transducers. The transducers are selected with care and are responsible for the imposing spatial...