1. Aelaria

    Wireless headset recommendation?

    Hi guys, I just joined... my apologies if I'm posting in the wrong place!   I know there is much hate for gamer headsets.... but I'm hoping someone who has experience can help me pick one out:   a) I NEED wireless. I've tripped over my old wired headset cable so many times I've damaged...
  2. Zarkas

    Amplified Headphone output + Desktop amp

    Hi, I am new to this community and i apologize in advance for 2 things : I might be asking a question that has been asked before and english is not my native language :)   I have a question about computer audio regarding the connection of an amp to my soundcard.   I purchased an eClaro...
  3. alexinator

    What Over-Ear Headphones Should I Get?

    Hello, everyone! I'm new to the community, and I would just like to introduce myself. I'm Alex. :) I got the Beats Solo Hds for Christmas, and I'm not really proud of it, my Turtle Beach Px3s are better, at least for the most part. After listening to them, I found out all the hate that Beats get...
  4. Fookiz

    Need a recomendation on a wireless gaming headphones turtle beach or if there is steelseires

    Title^ is the siberia v2 wireless if so is the turtle beach wireless better what kind of turtle beach should i get   ****************************************************************************************** NOT GETTING USB BECAUSE COMPUTER MODEL PROBLEM BREAKS IT...
  5. Turtle Beach Ear Force PX3

    Turtle Beach Ear Force PX3

    The Ear Force PX3 headset lets you dominate your competition with digital signal processing, wireless game sound, crystal-clear communication and the convenience of a rechargeable battery. Featuring a lightweight, circumaural ear cup design with massive 50mm speakers, the PX3 delivers...