tube dac
  1. Found Sound Davio

    Found Sound Davio

    Found Sound Audio Davio is a tube DACs from the R2R family. It has two versions: one solid state rectified and one tube rectified. The tubes are 1x 6SN7GT for the buffer and 1x 6C5S for rectification. It is designed to provide natural sound. Digital Inputs USB type B PCM max. 24bit / 96kHz...
  2. Warsoul

    Tube amps (or dac/amps) under 1000$?

    What are your recommendations regarding headphone tube amps (or dac/amp) under 1000$? Do you think they are worth the price for sound improvements over a cheap Little Dot MK2 with Voshkod tubes?
  3. SW1X Audio Design: DAC II

    SW1X Audio Design: DAC II

    From the SW1X site: SW1X Audio Design - DAC II Performance Level 2 D to A Converter DAC II is based on 2 x PCM56 DACs with more sophisticated power supplies and powerful 6N6P/6N30P/5687/E182CC valve output stage with 6X5GT (or GZ34/5Y3/5R4 as an option) valve rectification. The DAC has a...
  4. BunnyNamedCraig

    Lampizator Amber III Impressions

    Hi friends, Lampizator came out with the Amber III DAC and it has been floating around to Headfi’ers on a small tour. Here is a light description of the Amber III from headfi’er @Gopher who is a Lampizator rep who reached out to us on the tour- “The newest DAC from Lampizator that we start...