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  1. SW1X Audio Design: DAC II

    SW1X Audio Design: DAC II

    From the SW1X site: SW1X Audio Design - DAC II Performance Level 2 D to A Converter DAC II is based on 2 x PCM56 DACs with more sophisticated power supplies and powerful 6N6P/6N30P/5687/E182CC valve output stage with 6X5GT (or GZ34/5Y3/5R4 as an option) valve rectification. The DAC has a...
  2. JoeDoe

    Musical Paradise MP-D2 - All Upgrades - $OLD!

    Selling a LNIB top of the line 10 Anniv. MP-D2 v3 from Musical Paradise. Features the following factory upgrades: Output tubes: 4x Russian 6H6 Rectifier Tube: Shuguang 6Z5P (Replaced with NOS Mullard GZ34!!!) DAC Type: AK4497 Output Capacitors: 2x Mundorf Supreme MCAP Gold Silver Oil + 2x...
  3. BunnyNamedCraig

    Lampizator Amber III Impressions

    Hi friends, Lampizator came out with the Amber III DAC and it has been floating around to Headfi’ers on a small tour. Here is a light description of the Amber III from headfi’er @Gopher who is a Lampizator rep who reached out to us on the tour- “The newest DAC from Lampizator that we start...
  4. yugas

    [SOLD] Tube DAC

    SOLD. Thanks