triple hybrid
  1. Shanling ME500 Platinum Edition

    Shanling ME500 Platinum Edition

    Shanling ME500 - Triple Hybrid In-Ear - Dual BA + 1 Dynamic drivers Platinum plated brass shells with new SPC cable
  2. AME Custom Radioso

    AME Custom Radioso

    The Radioso, universal fit, hybrid electrostatic IEM integrates a low frequency dynamic driver with a mid frequency balanced armature driver and four high frequency electrostatic tweeters. It is tuned to deliver rich low-end response while fully highlighting the unique characteristics of the...
  3. AAW Canary

    AAW Canary

    Key Features Dual diaphragm isobaric woofers 4 precision balanced armature drivers 2 Electrostatic Super Tweeters 4 way passive + acoustic crossover design Flat low impedance design Symphonym Hakone UPOCC Silver/Copper Cable Dual Electrostatic Super Tweeter Powered by the cutting-edging...